Virtual and Augmented reality

Here is a selection of some of the apps I've been working in augmented reality and virtual reality

Virtual Reality Occupationa Exercises for Action Observation Treatment

Virtual Reality Occupational Exercises for Action Observation Treatment

Action observation therapy (AOT) promotes motor rehabilitation via the activation of the mirror mechanism. Virtual reality has the potential to maximize AOT effects, providing a three-dimensional, immersive experience of the action, which can also be observed from a viewpoint compatible with the observer’s body schema. In collaboration with CNR (Research National Council) in the Giacomo Rizzolatti neurologist equipe.

More informations can be found here

Platform: Oculus Meta Quest

Role: Supervisor in neurologic Rehabilitation Treatment


Augmented Reality installation for contemporary art expo

Sandra Ban's contemporary artwork, exhibited at the J. Klovic Gallery in Rijeka, the Capital of Culture 2020, is a fusion of virtual reality and visual art. Through augmented reality, the artist creates an immersive experience that challenges the perception of time and space, inviting the viewer to explore parallel dimensions. 

More informations can be found here

Platform: Mobile

Role: Developer, 3d Modeler



Not only an Augmented Reality Educational Game, but an award winning complete system of rehabilitation for motor skills improvements of young stroke survivors, thought in collaboration with Giacomo Rizzolatti (Brain Prize 2014) neurologist equipe.

More informations can be found here

Platform: Windows

Role:  Head o R&D, Developer


The cute little rascal who broke my laptop mirror is in reality a clever chatbot who shows slides, listen to human voice, speaks and  wants to compete with Alexa, Siri and Powerpoint all together

Platform: iOs

Role: Developer, 3d Modeler

Mionetto ar

Talking label is a great tool to present a brand and get noticed using augmented reality. This is my implementation of the Mionetto AR app

Platform: Android, iOs

Role: Developer, 3d Modeler

Animillo AR

Animillo is one of the fantasy animals designed by Jacopo Fo. To make him happy I made him live in Augmented Reality, but it was not enough. He wanted to be real!
In one residential workshop week we found many ways to make him feel real: Watch the video here

Role: Developer, Graphic designer, Workshop teacher