creative education

I ideated some creative labs to give new forms of expression to the digital natives, such as  building rudimental instruments with poor materials, creating videogames with plasticine and bringing to reality digital characters

come ti plasmo 1
Making videogames out of plasticine

A one week workshop about creating a web game modelling plasticine, painting, animating in stop-motion and creating sounds.

I developed the code, you make the rest

giochiamo a suonare
Playing music is a game

An approach to create music free and full of fantasy. Reuse and recycle things to make an orchestra. Base methods to play improvising

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in retromarcia
Reverse gear

In our era everything goes from material to digital. This is one week workshop to try the opposite direction. Learn from digital techniques to start to draw, sculpt and play music without a digital device

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Screenshot 2020-11-26 at 01.24.34
Mistake is a resource

Intelligence is learning from our mistakes. The idea in this workshop is to make mistakes on purpose to recover them

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