Making instruments

I like to play music with every kind of instruments, even if they are not musical instruments. 

Sometimes I create them too.


Play the island of Venezia like a musical instrume

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Created by combining old and new technologies, woodworking, 3D printing, electronics, and programming.

Main components are
- Artiphon Instrument One, Roli Seabord Block, Genky Wave Ring, Arduino nano 33 ble, Epiphone guitar body, Bose Speaker, wireless trasmitter, laser distance sensor   

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Parco armonico

I had a dream. Installing 20 different musical instrument in a city park in my home town.  Thanks to non-profit association VivaPiraghetto this dream became true. 

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A battery powered guitar style midi controller with a speaker and a phone holder to make Artiphon more loud and comfortable in the movements 

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